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4 Ways To Keep You From Getting Shiny Object Syndrome May 30, 2016 - Are all the distractions interfering with your success? Are you going as crazy as I am trying to stay focused on what you are doing? So your day begins and your focused, you have your "to dos". You begin with responding to emails and following up with someone and then there it is... A notification […]
Are You UNLEASHING The Right Authority For Maximum Success In Your Business? May 4, 2016 - WARNING BEFORE YOU READ THIS... It is not for the faint of heart IT MIGHT TICK YOU OFF... BUT IT ALSO MAY HELP YOU STEP INTO THE RIGHT AUTHORITY! So I am listening to a Dani Johnson training and I am telling you this woman can lay it out! This was so good; I was […]
What Is The Most Important Piece Of Your Wardrobe? April 16, 2016 - It Can Be The Best Fitting Outfit You Have! It doesn't matter what you wear it with but how you wear it... Its Your Confidence and You HAVE to put it on EVERY DAY!! A HUGE tool for your Success Belt is your Confidence! Here are some ways you can equip your Confidence for success. […]
Leadership With A Volunteer Army March 29, 2016 - You Are Leading a Volunteer Army and as leaders in our industry, it can sometimes be frustrating. We get frustrated because we forget that we are leading a volunteer army! In order to maximize your army I believe it has to begin with you! So ask yourself, how are my Leadership Skills? Everyone is not […]
Did You Know That YOU Have The POWER! March 19, 2016 - So did you know that YOU have that kind of POWER?! What are you speaking to Yourself? Life or Death? You are speaking one or the other over yourself daily! So listen to yourself today and think about it...What are you speaking to yourself? I have read and listened to so many things that talk […]