4 Ways To Keep You From Getting Shiny Object Syndrome

Are all the distractions interfering with your success?

Are you going as crazy as I am trying to stay focused on what you are doing?

So your day begins and your focused, you have your “to dos”. You begin with responding to emails and following up with someone and then there it is…

A notification from Facebook someone commented on your post…there you go, your off to Facebook to reply or “like” and before you know it you are scrolling through your newsfeed!

Oops…there is an ad for JUST what you have been looking for, and there you are on that site!

What was I doing???

Okay…so back at it, your back to the email and follow up that you started an hour ago, but its ok, your back on track your focused…

WHEN you get a notification from Twitter that someone shared your Tweet and you have a message from them too, then a message in messenger, oops you just got a new email and you pop back over to that…. and on and on!

Shoo wee I am worn out just typing this!!

We are all so out of focus in this crazy virtual world! I thought it was supposed to make us more efficient!

The problem…To many shiny objects!!

Oh my gosh there are days I am loosing my mind with all the BLING coming at me and I am so all over the place that I am getting nothing done, at least efficiently.

So what can we do about all the Shiny Objects Flying around?

Here are some ideas that I have found and I am recommending this to Myself as well…

  1. Turn off your notifications so that every time something pops in you are not seeing it and off on another task before you complete the one you are on. Go into your phone, tablet, and computer to notifications and turn off all the notifications from email, social media and anything else that distract you. You need to go to these things when they come up on your to do list in order to be more efficient. I did this and I literally had withdrawal symptoms while turning them off.
  2. On Sunday Night look over your week and make your weeks action plan. From there break that down into the day of the week you need to complete that task. I still use the calendar and writing what I need to get done on that particular day. I found a wonderful resource for this and it has totally been worth its weight in gold. It is called Organize Your Gorgeous Chaos Daily Action Planner. It is such an awesome tool and I highly recommend that you check it out. You can find them at Savor The Success. By the way, they have some specifically for men that does not say Your Gorgeous Chaos!
  3. Keep in mind that your Daily Action Plan is not just for writing down specific appointments. It is for writing everything down that you need to get completed in that day. From personal task to business task and if you are bad not to take time for yourself or exercise then write it on your Daily Action Plan. I am one of those people that if I plan to exercise I better write it down on my day or I will not do it!
  4. Depending on what you need to get done during your day set a timer. I work on social media a lot so if I need to work on Facebook for example I need to set a timer so that I am doing what I am supposed to do instead of eventually finding myself scrolling down my newsfeed. If you set a timer then once that time is up move to your next task.

This is just a few of the things I have found that has helped me stay more focused and not jump from one shiny object to the next.

It is obviously not a complete fix, but I believe if you turn your notifications off, plan your week, keep your daily task wrote down and work through your day, and use a timer on appropriate task that you are doing your productivity will improve and you will get way more done.

I am a work and progress and I am sure you will be too, but hang in there because the end result will equal a way more efficient person and that can only mean an increase in your business!

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