Finding Joy in the Journey and a New Place to Shine

Let the 12 Steps that Brought Amazing "Light" to My Path Help Guide You to the Business and Lifestyle You've Always Wanted.

I invite you to take a few moments to walk with me, Because I've discovered it's actually the best place to be. . . .

I’m pretty much spilling over with thankfulness for getting the opportunity to share my story with you–the 12 steps I took that have addednew lightand fresh joy to this adventure-filled life.

Because when you look back and consider your life’s journey, don’t some of your most joyful moments seem like sparkles of light to your soul?

That’s how I like to describe it.

As you probably well know, life can sometimes be frustrating and painful–that’s so true. I’ve experienced times of real weariness and sorrow. Honestly, life can be harder than we ever expected.

But some of the brightest times have been not only when I felt truly valued, but when I’ve brought my family the far-reaching benefits of lifestyle (and income) freedom, and perhaps best of all, when I’ve shined the light of inspiration and positive life-change to others.

And then–wow!–their light has come shining back to me. For me, that is something really unexpected–and brilliantly beautiful.

That’s really the ticket to this awesome life adventure–and I’m celebrating in a big way.But how did I get here?

1. As a young mom of three little boys more than 30 years ago, I knew “family” was my passion.When my oldest son was just two, my bouncing twin boys arrived. Life was busy–beyond belief! But I knew that family time was precious–as it still is today.

2. But then came a unique opportunity–which opened my eyes to a new idea.Yes, with three toddlers, I still just wanted to be “mommy,” but feeling a bit financially squeezed, I jumped into a part-time opportunity to do skin-care demonstrations. And I not only discovered I could win some great prizes (like a brass coat rack!) and I could get some accolades (like salesperson of the month), but I could add some needed extra income to our lives. Hallelujah!

3. Pretty quickly, I discovered I really liked helping others in meaningful, sometimes life-changing ways. Although I later explored some other jobs as the boys got older, I soon found myself back in direct sales of a very successful jewelry line. I could actually use my gifts and see my passion for inspiring others soar. I had a burning desire to succeed–helping other women to discover both their inner and outer beauty–and that continued to spark my sense of purpose and fulfillment.

4. Sometime in there, after entering the Mrs. West Virginia beauty pageant, I discovered what most women really yearn for: to know they’re valued, that they’re worthy–not just validated, but appreciated for who they are.
After entering the pageant, I actually got to wear the crown for a year. But the best part certainly wasn’t the title or the hair ornament, but the times I got to uplift others or make even a small impact in their lives. That was the greatest blessing. And that insight channeled back into my home business–it really added richness to all I was striving for in my business and family.

5. I learned how to organize a home office well–not a small thing, my friend!–and I now share that skill with my direct marketing team. You see, in one of my past jobs, my boss taught me an organizational system to keep up with my accounts and life–one of the most valuable tools to success. It turns an organizational challenge into a significant edge–every time!

6. Mark and I became not only life partners, but business partners as well. And we’re a great fit as our gifts complement each other well. Both of us tend to think outside the box, we both have a long history in direct sales, and we both passionately desire to help others succeed. I’m thankful for this triple scoop of focused mind-set and unity.

7. About the time our 10 grandchildren began arriving, so did opportunities to get into network marketing–but oh, how I resisted! Although I actually yearned to help others break out of “survival mode”–my mode of operation years before–I didn’t want to break out of my own comfort zone.And honestly? I didn’t think any company could actually meet my expectations–it had to be rock-solid and really effective in changing lives. So my feet remained planted ‘though my mind was getting ready for a new, important step.

8. Yes,opportunities (and my husband Mark) kept knocking at my heart. You see, a family member with multi-million dollar success in the industry came to us and wanted us to take a look at a brand new business model. I have to be honest, I hid in our bedroom! Mark actually came in the bedroom to get me so we could hear more, but I just shook my head “NO” and wouldn’t come out.A couple of days later,this family member came back (determined) to tell us more, and–thankfully!–I listened. The company flew us to their home office, and I was so excited that we had found the right vehicle to really help people.

9. We began to move forward and dive straight in to build an amazing teamagain drawing from both our long experience as successful entrepreneurs as well as my time as Director to the Mrs. West Virginia and Mrs.Kentucky International Pageants,which showcase the accomplishments of married women.
Through this, I had tucked some important tools about mentoring into my heart–like the importance of guiding others with proven strategies that really work.Listening with an ear of
patience and sincerity. And equipping our team to see true success–gaining the financial and lifestyle freedom that’s so key.

10. I quickly learned about the power and effectiveness of social media to grow your business exponentially. That was actually eye-opening and FUN! Years ago, I could never have written that–but then my eyes were enlightened, and I was like a sponge. I tried to learn and absorb it all overnight, and I’ve invested much time and money to learn from the best. Now, I pass it all on to my team, and we’re all amazed at the success as we keep learning and growing together.

11.Now we’ve achieved our industry’s top ranks along with top sales and recruiting awards–and we’re now serving hundreds and training and coaching a growing team of motivated home business success stories. We’re so excited about our business model, our team, and our future in the growing our vibrant business. We love being entrepreneurs and teaching men and women across the country to do the same!

12.Whew–a dozen life steps I’ve taken (and in reality, countless more) that bring me to this spot–this chance to invite you to consider your own future. You actually can live the lifestyle of your dreams–I know, because I’ve been there, perhaps like you, caught up in a flurry of work and activity–maybe even in the exciting pageant world–but yearning for some tranquility in your soul.

Perhaps you’re wanting a way to earn extra money, either full or part time. Or wanting more time with your family. Perhaps wishing for extra money to go on vacation or more money for your child’s college expenses. Maybe feeling unfulfilled in your present job. Perhaps even seeking a new and exciting venture as an “empty nester,” hoping to see your grandchildren more and be there for them.

I invite you to connect with me, to call or message me today! I would love the opportunity to chat with you–to discuss how to hop onto the path I’ve found to new joy and purpose.

You can discover a bright new journey ahead, locking arms with me to walk, run, learn, and grow. And soon you’ll find yourself shining your own light on the path for others, and friend, that’s where . . .

. . .You’ll Truly Discover a New Place to Shine.