Are You UNLEASHING The Right Authority For Maximum Success In Your Business?

WARNING BEFORE YOU READ THIS… It is not for the faint of heart


So I am listening to a Dani Johnson training and I am telling you this woman can lay it out! This was so good; I was fired up so I wanted to share!

This is one of those trainings that you know you have been “churched”!

So she was talking about Whiners and Winners and she was holding nothing back!

So let me ask you, do you have a home based business or are you thinking of getting into the home based business industry?

STOP before you go any further and take the test first to determine if you are a Whiner or a Winner.



So lets take the test to see where you are at so that you will know what might be holding you back

But more importantly HOW YOU CAN BE CURED!

Here we go:


  • You will not make a whole hearted commitment, so in the back of your mind you will do this if you feel like it, if nothing distracts you, if it looks like it might work…if, if, if
  • You waffle, first thing that throws you off course…your done or on another rabbit trail
  • You focus on the past
  • Your mind is thinking – I will put in a small bit of effort and HOPE for a large return, by the way this is the lottery mentality
  • You cast blame when something goes wrong or does not work out…the people you are talking to, the economy, the products, your past, your family, your spouse………..
  • You React, you act before thinking
  • You talk more than you listen
  • You look for validation
  • You don’t want to invest any time or money in the skill set that you need to become a professional.
  • You are telling yourself I will never succeed and this must be my lot
  • You try something with one foot in and one foot out, straddling the fence
  • You lack direction and will only take the easy route
  • You are submitting to a past failure and staying in that place
  • You are no longer coachable
  • Whiners find excuses so you are attracting and talking to the same like-minded people full of excuses and staying discouraged


  • You lead by example. You lead, walk, and talk in the direction that you want others to follow
  • You focus on the Present and the Future
  • You take responsibility if something is not working or going wrong you figure out what you can do to make it better, to make it work.
  • You Act, you think before reacting
  • You listen more than you talk
  • You are always seeking out additional skills, learning and growing to be a Professional
  • You sow generously
  • You are an action taker
  • You will take the ball and run with it
  • You are coachable
  • You will follow through with what you started
  • You surround yourself with like-minded people creating your own Winning Reality
  • Consistently doing what is necessary
  • You are always looking for direction and seeking out where to find it
  • Always saying tell me, show me, guide me and I will do what you tell me to do
  • Winners find a way!

NOW…As I promised, IF you feel you answered yes to more of the Whining category there is a cure and here it is.

One step at a time, a day at a time in the RIGHT Direction!

Let’s break it down…

You have to replace your actions, thoughts, attitudes, and mindset with those of a winner. You have to step into this daily! It takes doing it daily to make the change. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

I am not telling you to do something I have not had to do myself. I had to make a decision a long time ago to make a change. (That is a story for a different blog or this one might make the record book for the longest in history)

So please know I am not pointing any fingers and as my Pastor says, if you are pointing a finger there are four more pointing back at you! So no finger pointing, just decide for yourself you are going to be a Winner you are going to do the action daily until you have become that Winner!

Carry the authority of a successful Entrepreneur!

You carry authority in your life; you just have to carry the authority of a Winner not a Whiner.

If you want people to follow you then you have to step into a high commitment level in your business. You want to lead by example and you also want to attract committed people so you first have to be this person.

Let me give you something to think about and I truly hope this sinks in…

Have you ever thought of the opportunity that you are either taking part in or considering taking part in as a HUGE PRIVILEGE?

You have the honor to contract with a company that is supplying you with products that they have invested all of the development, the science, the legal counsel, the technology, the huge financial investment, the risk, the efforts, the knowledge, ideas and so much more! You are blessed with the ability to own your own business. One that you did not go out and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on along with countless hours stress and anxiety to get open and running. You are able to capitalize on this business model and have all of the privileges and then some as any other business owner with very very minimal investment and no risk!

Let that sink in – what an opportunity that you have and the opportunity that you have to share this with others!

The only thing you need to be is a Winner.

Step up and walk like a Winner!

Make a Winning Decision Now!

Earn a Winners Income and Attract Winners!!

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