Did You Know That YOU Have The POWER!

So did you know that YOU have that kind of POWER?!

What are you speaking to Yourself?

Life or Death?

You are speaking one or the other over yourself daily!

So listen to yourself today and think about it…What are you speaking to yourself?

I have read and listened to so many things that talk about the right mindset, speaking to myself in the right way, don’t talk negative, etc.

Some people chose to believe it is all-hokey but I believe it is Truth!

You are getting exactly what you are thinking!

I have been reading Dani Johnson’s book Spirit Driven Success. In her book she refers to the fact that your tongue has the power! You are speaking life or death over your life, your family, and your business!

Some people want to think that stuff is all crazy but she refers to Proverbs 18:21 that says, life and death are in the power of he tongue and that we will eat the fruit of what we say!

That is pretty direct and powerful!!

So many times we go about our day and our thoughts and actions and words are completely directing our path and we are not even realizing it! You are speaking death over your jobs, your lives, your business and you can not figure out what is going on and why you can not experience growth in your life.

Right about now you are thinking, “I don’t do that, why would I do that to myself, she is crazy!”

We get to a place in life where I think we do this without realizing we are doing it.

There is a book called How To Win The Battle of the Tongue that Dani refers to and one of the things that are mentioned in this book is that neurologists have proven that the speech center of the brain has total dominion over all the nerves in your body. It has absolute dominion over your life!

Your actions will follow your mouth!

So are you going through life “trying”? There is no commitment in “trying”. Are you “trying” to be a good leader, are you “trying” to become wealthy? Are you “trying” to be a good spouse? Are you “trying” to be a good parent?

I think the word “trying” is a convenient word that lets us off the hook! Quit “trying” and JUST DO IT!

Just doing it takes commitment and action, so speak life over YOU!

Use your tongue to create life! I have said it before and I will say it again, You are created for greatness, there is greatness within you so let that sink in. YOU ARE CREATED FOR MORE!

So let me give you some things to think about and ask yourself so you will know what you are speaking to yourself.

Are you always putting yourself down?
Feel things are always unfair.
Nothing ever works out for you.
Your not good enough.
What’s the use.
I can’t.
Do you tell yourself to look at things as if they will not work out? Putting this invisible protection shield up so IF they do work out you will be happy but if they do not, you have protected yourself from a disappointment.
Are you intimidated by people and it keeps you from speaking confidently?

All of the above also leads to depression, stress, anxiety, and oppression. This will completely mushroom and take over!

If you are doing any of this I cannot encourage you enough to stop!

I know that is easier said than done. It will take a very focused effort to stop doing something you have done to yourself most of your life.

Think back to when we were kids. We didn’t think this way. We always had this child like faith and outlook on life. We get conditioned to start thinking this way. We hear things, we are raised to think certain ways, and then things in life make us feel this way but you can stop letting yourself stay in this place.

Start telling yourself

You can do it!
You believe in yourself!

If you are friends with me on Facebook you have probably seen my cover photo. It is a reminder to me each day to warn my enemy that I Am UP and I Am Out of Bed and Ready! I am not going to allow the enemy of mass destruction to come in and steal my thoughts and steal my day!

I will admit this is work, it is a conscious awareness of what you are allowing yourself to think and do but it is so worth it.

So don’t set idle, meaning inactive, unfruitful, and ineffective!

So are you speaking life or death?

Start speaking words of encouragement, gratefulness, thankfulness and watch how your mind, attitude will begin to change.

If you don’t keep a journal daily of what you are grateful for and thankful for I encourage you to do this. This will be what will turn your words of death into life!

Begin with just a few things a day to write down that you are grateful for, thankful for. You will be amazed at how many things you will begin to notice throughout your day to be thankful for. They will be small things and big things and that will begin to shift your mind. Your journaling of just a few things will now begin to be a journaling of many things!

Happy Journaling!

If you would like to read Dani Johnson’s book Spirit Driven Success you can Click Here to access it on Amazon. It is one of the best books I have read.

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