Leadership With A Volunteer Army

You Are Leading a Volunteer Army and as leaders in our industry, it can sometimes be frustrating. We get frustrated because we forget that we are leading a volunteer army!

In order to maximize your army I believe it has to begin with you!

So ask yourself, how are my Leadership Skills?

Everyone is not a leader naturally BUT you can develop leadership skills in order to become a very successful leader!

A huge part of a good leader is self-development and mindset. Good leaders are always working on themselves and their mindset. Mindset alone can be the difference between being an “okay” leader to a Powerful Leader!

We all have different gifts, and the way you lead and the way someone else leads are probably completely different.

One thing that is not different in order to be a good leader is you always have to be listening, always looking for ways to serve, ways to find solutions to help your team.

The way you do this is by connecting with your team and learning what it is that they most want and need. You are listening to them to find what it is that you can do to help them solve their problem. You are helping them with skills that you have learned so that you are grooming them to be a great leader.

We all had to start somewhere and the great news is that you can look to leaders around you to learn. In today’s world there are so many things to help you with skills, mindset and anything else you need to become a great leader.

As you learn from leaders around you and from other resources you will start to notice your gifts and how you can serve your team.

If you do want to be a great leader you need to ask yourself…

Am I a self-starter?

Am I motivated so I can be a motivator?

Am I waiting on someone to tell me what to do next?

Am I treating my business like a business?

Am I acting like a business owner?

As a leader these questions are critical. You have to be someone worth following. So probably the biggest question to ask yourself is…

Am I someone that I would want to follow?

So are you staying active with income generating activities to build and grow your business? If you are not doing the activities to grow your business then you cannot expect your team to be doing them either. Remember…They are a team of volunteers and they are following after you!

The great news is Network Marketing and becoming a great leader is a level playing field regardless of education, background, previous occupation, and we all have the same opportunity.

The only difference as to where you will go in this world of unlimited opportunity and freedom…Is you!

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